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BHRT: A Better Alternative to Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy

Published January 4, 2019

alternative to hormone replacement therapy

The hormonal changes you experience during menopause, andropause, or in the presence of a hormonal imbalance can bring on a host of physical and emotional symptoms that profoundly interfere with quality of life. Today, however, there are a number of hormonal treatments available to help alleviate these symptoms by compensating for such changes. These treatments, known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), can significantly reduce distress and restore well-being.

However, not all hormone replacement therapy is the same. 96.1% of doctors use one-size-fits-all hormone prescriptions with standardized dosing that may not be right for your unique needs. These blanket solutions can leave you with undesirable side effects and subpar symptom relief. But there is another option: bioidentical hormones.

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) you can experience the benefits of hormone replacement while avoiding the issues associated with traditional HRT. With BHRT, doctors work hand-in-hand with you to develop a customized hormonal regimen based on your specific hormonal levels to provide superior symptom relief with fewer side effects. As a customized treatment tailored to your needs, BHRT offers an excellent alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Why Traditional HRT Lets Patients Down

Traditional HRT products are often patented, mass-produced, and  constrained to a few different dosages. However, the endocrine system varies widely from patient to patient, and the available dosages may not be suitable for all individuals; for example, you may find that a 10mg dose fails to provide adequate symptom relief, but 20mg produces severe side effects. Without an in-between option or a personalized dose, you would be faced with a difficult decision: should you continue treatment at an uncomfortable dose, or use a dose that doesn’t meaningfully address your symptoms?

Finding the correct dose of traditional hormone therapy can be particularly challenging because, in the absence of a customized dose, treatment becomes a process of trial and error. Patients may undergo therapy for months before finding hormone levels that work for them or discovering that a specific therapy won’t be successful regardless of dose. Additionally, conventional HRT products may contain non-hypoallergenic compounds, making them unsuitable for patients with allergies to such ingredients.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Offers Customizable Therapy

Unlike traditional hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses compounded hormones that mimic the molecular and chemical structure of human hormones and are produced in accordance with each patient’s individual needs. These needs are determined by working with a qualified BHRT practitioner who measures your hormone levels through urine, blood and sometimes even saliva. Using this data, a BHRT product is compounded specifically for you and prescribed in the dose necessary to create a harmonious balance of high tolerability and meaningful symptom relief. In fact, BHRT can offer better symptom relief than traditional HRT in many cases.

While BHRT can benefit patients, its customizable nature means it can be particularly beneficial for patients with who have a narrow range of tolerance for side effects or therapeutic effects. Indeed, BHRT is noted for its ability to minimize side effects and reduce health risks associated with hormone therapy.

BHRT Offers Flexible Routes of Administration

The administration of hormone therapy can be very personal and different patients have different preferences and needs when it comes to how they take medications. Luckily, BHRT products can be formulated in a variety of formats, including creams, gels, pellets, injections, transdermal patches, and pills. Pellets are the most widely used form of administration, as it ensures constant, consistent dosing. However, depending on the purpose of treatment, you may have a choice, allowing you to choose the administration method  that works best for your needs.

Comfortable, Precise Monitoring for Better Results

You might be asking if you need to undergo frequent painful tests to take advantage of BHRT. The answer is: no. The practitioners within the BodyLogicMD network use urine and blood tests to assess the hormone levels and other important biomarkers. Thanks to this advanced and more tolerable testing regimen, BHRT is a safer and more comfortable alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy in many cases. When paired with customized compounds, fewer possible side effects, and an array of administration methods, BHRT can help you experience relief, restore your sense of wellbeing, and enhance your quality of life.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy, you don’t need to struggle alone. BodyLogicMD can help you can transform your life with the expert care of a highly-trained practitionerwho specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine. All BodyLogicMD-affiliated practitioners are bioidentical hormone replacement specialists who will work with you to find the best path forward. These practitioners are among the top medical professionals in the nation and specially trained to help you achieve your health goals. Get started on a customized treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle and ensure you reach optimal wellness. Contact a local practitioner within the BodyLogicMD network to schedule your first appointment, or take our Hormonal Balance Quiz today.

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