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Vitamins for Hormone Balance

Published June 29, 2016

  Vitamin B12 is one of the body’s 13 essential minerals. It has many unique properties, including being sourced from animal protein, rather than the body’s own creation. Similar to […]

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Sugar: Too Much of a Good Thing Could Be Deadly

Published June 24, 2016

  Summer is quickly approaching, and while many of us are desperately working on getting our beach bodies in shape, cutting down on excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption is a […]

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Study: Menopause Symptoms Affected by Sitting Too Much

Published March 29, 2016

You are disciplined and proactive. Getting up every morning for that five-mile run or hitting the gym on a regular basis. You make a conscious effort to stay in good […]

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ED Does Not Have to Be a Life Sentence

Published March 1, 2016

The first experience of erectile dysfunction (ED) tends to strike fear into the hearts of most men. Many of them wonder if this will be a permanent condition, or if […]

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Reclaim Your Libido with Testosterone Therapy

Published February 15, 2016

Middle-age is often the time in life when many women discover that their libido has shut down. They simply do not have the same desire for sex they enjoyed in […]

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Be a Tigress in the Bedroom

Published January 28, 2016

You used to consider yourself a sexual dynamo and regularly enjoyed intimate relationships as part of a satisfied and healthy lifestyle. You’ve come upon middle age now—in your late 40s […]

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Perimenopause Impacts Reactions to Stressors

Published January 8, 2016

The Mayo Clinic defines perimenopause as, “…around menopause and refers to the time period during which a woman’s body makes its natural transition toward permanent infertility (menopause).” For some women, […]

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Think You’re Functioning Well On Limited Sleep? Think Again

Published December 23, 2015

More than 60 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep each night. And more than 40 percent don’t seek treatment because they are still “getting through the day just fine.” […]

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You Don’t Have to Gain Holiday Weight

Published December 23, 2015

The holidays may be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but they can also be a time of near-exhaustion and non-stop stress. It is the old dilemma of too […]

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Solving the ED Puzzle

Published December 9, 2015

Although common, most men do not understand why erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs or that it is a condition that can be effectively treated and the treatment options are not limited […]

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  • "I came to Dr. Ohri's office seeking help with a specific health issue that I felt was not getting fully addressed by my primary care physician. Dr. Ohri was easily able to help resolve my concern, and did so in a much more in-depth and effective manner than that of my general practitioner. Dr. Ohri has also helped me with…Read More
  • "OMG! I had my 1st consultation with Dr Ohri in early February. I was feeling totally exhausted all the time, sleeping only 3 hrs, dragging around all day, putting on weight for no reason & unable to lose it no matter what I did. If that's not bad enough, I was cranky, irritable, impatient, & basically antisocial because I was…Read More
  • "I am a 58 years old, working full time, commuting 50+ miles a day, husband (no kids) and I have an active lifestyle being involved in church and civic groups. The holiday season of 2010 was when the you-know-what hit the fan. I had a sinus infection that just wouldn't go away, even with a course of antibiotics and decongestants.…Read More
  • "I am a 58 year old female with a busy job, family and home to maintain. My work days are 10 - 12 hours long, 5 days a week. The weekends are always busy taking care of and enjoying my husband, my family and my home. The past few years have been a struggle to keep up with it all.…Read More
  • "As we approached our mid 50's we felt like to were going down hill. Hearing about bioidentical hormone replacement we searched and found Bodylogicmd. When we first met Dr. Smita Ohri we were immediately taken with her passion for what she does and her compassion for us as individuals and our needs. If it is possible, she finds a way!…Read More


May 28, 2017

How Lack of Sleep Leads to Poor Eating Choices

If restless, sleepless nights have been plaguing you lately, it is very likely that rich, fattening, sugary foods have become a familiar staple in your diet as well. Many of […]

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