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I Have Completed My First Visit, Now What?

doctor appointmentsThe human body is complex. It’s not static, it’s in flux and it can take a few visits to optimize your hormones, detoxify and banish the symptoms. There is a significant mind and body connection. I encourage meditation, tai chi, yoga, walking away from negativity and people that decrease your happy vibrations. Thoughts are known to change the epigenetics. If we are not eating well, drinking tons of alcohol, submitting to wasteful thoughts, no amount of supplements can negate that. Sleep hygiene is important. Most of my patients will tell me the first thing they notice is better sleep, decreased hot flashes and night sweats, more energy and a better mood. Both men and women notice an increase in the libido. Every person’s journey is different. Obviously this journey can take longer for some people, especially if you have severe adrenal fatigue, candida, heavy metal toxicity, osteoporosis, memory issues. Most people start feeling better in a few weeks, but for complete transformation to good health it can take up to two years for patients with severe adrenal fatigue.

If you have any side effects or symptoms to the treatment, feel free to contact my office directly. We will help you the best of our abilities.

What will be the frequency of visits?

This differs greatly again. I have patients with more complicated issues including multiple sclerosis etc. that like to see me every 1 to 2 months (patients who were on wheelchair and are now walking without a cane 🙂 and others who have been stabilized over the years and only need to be seen twice a year. It’s important to keep an eye on the labs and the hormones as the needs shift over time.

In the first year after the initial visit, I will see you for follow-up every 2 to 3 months with labs. If needed there could be some additional specialized labs that investigate for gut health, food intolerances, heavy metals, candida, genetic problems beyond traditional labs. These may not be covered by insurance. I would suggest them to you if necessary, at that point you can decide if you want to do them or not.

Do I continue with my primary care physician, gynecologist, urologist and other specialists?

Absolutely! I’m here like your coach, personalized medicine specialist but you must continue your routine follow-ups with your other doctors. Continue your health screenings and follow-ups with your PCP, especially if you have medical problems. Please bring with you or forward me your screening procedures and any labs that you may do with your primary care physician or other physicians in between visits.

Compounding pharmacies and cost?

The pharmacies we work with are PCAB certified, selected carefully with consistently delivering high quality products and since we do a high volume with them, you will find their prices lower than most compounding pharmacies. Depending on your needs an average person is on estrogen/testosterone and progesterone creams – appx 50-60 $/month/cream or if pellets implantation $300-350/3-5 mths and additional progesterone capsules for women.


There are billions of companies offering many products on line and on shelves of your local pharmacies. It’s impossible to know the quality and bioavailability of all. A raid by the Inspector General’s office in NY on GNC, Walgreens, Walmart and Target showed in many supplements were spurious, there was mostly rice powder and were not even gluten free. The labels said one thing and the capsule ingredients another. The supplements I deal with, are guaranteed and physician grade. My patients can tell the difference immediately. But again, if you are on supplements and your lab values e.g. Vitamin D is in the optimal range of more than 65, I don’t change it. Most patients on their first visit are toxic, depleted and very fatigued. As symptoms improve we decrease the supportive supplements and usually by 6-8 months of treatment, patients are only on health maintenance supplements and doses.

So, here’s the short version:

Complete compliance with visits and labs is necessary for safe and best practices

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