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hormone healthCongratulations  and welcome on taking your next step for your better health! You are   unique in your genetics, environmental influence and aging. What I offer is Personalized Medicine. This is a 360-degree healthcare approach by combining hormone balance using bioidentical hormones including thyroid and adrenals, optimizing aging and degenerative diseases, helping gut issues, detoxification, heavy metal testing and chelation, reversing blood sugar issues, coronary artery disease, sleep issues, libido issues, mood issues, hair loss, detecting vitamin deficiencies and optimization. Evaluation and management of risk factors for cardiac disease, osteoporosis, cancer, prediabetes, prehypertension, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc.

The first step in your future best health starts with self-education. If you are interested, there are some great books! Many of you have read Suzanne Somers books on various aspect of aging and hormone replacement!

We will all, get older but don’t have to age into disease! These are the golden years, when you have the time to enjoy and the money and wisdom to do the things that you may have postponed all your life. Our bodies start to degenerate as soon as nature turns off or down the life sustaining hormones. Our brains start to shrink, Arthritis sets in including Osteoporosis, with increased risk of Diabetes, cardiac disease, hypertension and Obesity. With our GMO and poorly balanced diets, inadequate nutritional support, vitamins, toxins in our environment we start with mental fogginess, fatigue, depression, hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, hair loss and start gaining weight.

Why should I see AN Antiaging doctor/BodyLogicMD doctor outside of my insurance coverage and pay out of pocket?

No one likes to pay out of pocket for something that is satisfactorily covered by insurance!

If your primary care physicians or doctors in your network can give you adequate help in this journey, you DO NOT NEED to come to a functional medicine/Anti-Aging doctor like me. This is a personal and financial decision/ journey and is certainly not for everyone. There is no quick fix and needs commitment. Having said that, comparing oranges to oranges, in the Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine/Bio-identical hormones replacement Arena BLMD physicians are the most trained, charge less than the norm in their areas (I don’t speak of all practices, however).

I do not participate with ANY INSURANCE INCLUDING MEDICARE insurance and you pay cash for my services. If you have out of network coverage, you may submit it to your insurance for reimbursement. I will give you the superbill with the ICD 10 codes needed for coverage. Most regular insurances will not cover anything.

My patients are discerning and put their health first and the reasons they give: Most traditional doctors are limited in their understanding of functional medicine/restorative medicine/bioidentical hormone replacement. Patients are frustrated with the lack of time – most primary care offices can give no more than seven minutes per patient per visit, given the demands of running a practice. There are many layers of practice demands/hospital demands/insurance issues between the patient and a physician in this present environment. In this environment with both the physician and the patient are dissatisfied, no one has the time to sit down and figure out the real reason, for example, your poor sleep. It’s easier to scribble out a script of Ambien/Lunesta and be out the door. This actually compounds the problem rather than solving it.

On the other hand, most of my patients, over time, get off of sleeping pills, antidepressants, decrease the dose of anti -hypertensives and cholesterol medicine.

What is BodyLogicMD?

It’s a group of highly trained Anti -Aging/ BHRT/Functional Medicine doctors who have their individual franchises in different states. The BodyLogicMD corporate vets the physician thoroughly and a Fellowship in A4M Antiaging and Bio-identical hormone replacement(BHRT) is required. A membership in the A4 M and continuing medical education is also required.

Each part of the BLMD structure is carefully structured to give the best quality in professional, safety of treatment (easy access to, at least twice a year urine hormones and their breakdown products, blood work. Association with carefully selected compounding pharmacies with a track record, supplements that are clean, bioavailable, best quality, most are gluten-free, filler free.)

In short – BodylogicMD corporate is the mothership with the individually moving parts, that interact with each other:

What to expect as a new patient?

Most of my patients arrive at my office either by word-of-mouth or through the website.

When you call the number on our website you will get to speak with one of my representatives uniquely associated with my practice (she is physically in Boca Raton). She will give you your first information about what kind of practice this is, information about my training and I, the process of becoming a new patient, and the associated charges and labs. You may also go to for more information.

I am listing my charges below for transparency and to reduce any confusion to any of my prospective patients.

Presently my consultation charges are (may go up in near future)

If you still have some questions, feel free to call my office directly by choosing 732 – 807 – 2499 extension 4. Patti, who was previously my patient, and is now my office manager is very well versed with the process and will help you through it if you have any questions.

Do I need to do labs before my first appointment?

Our present and future health is reflected in the blood sugar levels, thyroid, hormones, cholesterol, inflammation, stress levels. For complete optimization is important to establish a baseline and treat diseases in their infancy, in the gray zone. It’s truly important to have all this data and the nearly 60 to 90 minutes of physician attention to get to the true root of ill health, symptoms and treat them in a holistic way. Even though, this kind of medicine is truly an art, all the biomarkers and labs help us know, we are steering correctly and gives us data to see improvement. Which is very encouraging for me personally and my patients in their subsequent visits.

You receive a small box with instructions for urine collection to check for your hormones/it’s metabolites and adrenals PLUS a script for blood work to take to Quest or Labcorp.  A minimal charge of $195 is charged for handling fee by bodylogicMD corporate at Boca Raton. It could be slightly different, in the state of New York, where only saliva test is allowed

The Quest/Labcorp labs should be covered, like any routine labs, if you have insurance.

Now if you have a high deductible or a poor insurance that limits your labs, please discuss it directly with my office or me. Out of thousands of patients that I have treated successfully, I have seen one or two patients with the above problem. I wish all my patients to smoothly transition into health and wellness and I will try to help as much as I can, given our small local office staff. There are so many insurances, with so many permutation combinations, it’s impossible for me to foresee your running into any problems with coverage. It’s always best for you to call your insurance personally to make sure you don’t get a bill at the end of the day. The Physician Lab (Urine hormone test) per se submits to your insurance a certain amount to be paid for the urine test. It accepts whatever the insurance company may pay. Sometimes your insurance company may decline payment, at that time even if it’s a loss to the Physician Labs, they may just add on $ 100 to your previous charge of $195.Physician Lab does not charge you for the declined amount by your insurance! So even if you get a bill from your insurance showing it declined, say $2000 to PHYL labs, you do not pay any more than the previously noted $100 (to my understanding). If you have recent labs from your primary care physician, these can be used instead of the blood work.

Once your labs are completed, you are put on my schedule to be seen. How soon you can be seen, depends upon your ability to quickly do the tests and return the urine testing. At the earliest, with the labs you would be seen in three weeks. However, if you have disabling symptoms and want to be seen ASAP, you can make an appointment with me and I can work with you to mitigate some of the symptoms while we do the testing after the visit.

What to Expect during Your Initial Visit?

You will be met by my office staff. All the consultation charges, Hormonal pellet implantation charges will be discussed again.  Informed consent and consent to treat taken. Your blood pressure, pulse, body impedance analysis done.

My consultation charges are noted above.

I go over detailed history again with you, physical exam, a detailed analysis of your labs with you. It’s imperative for you to understand your labs and their meaning in health. One of the reasons I’m getting nearly hundred percent positive results with my patients is because we have a true partnership. We have a common goal, education, understanding of the roadblocks and work together towards true health. After that I make a plan to follow for the next two months which may include bioidentical hormones, quality supplements, information regarding nutrition, exercise, lifestyle etc. This Is Personalized Medicine and apart from some basic supplements that everybody should be on, every person is unique and the requirements may differ from person to person and even the same person at different times.

What to expect in between visits?

Human body is complex. It’s not static, it’s in flux and it can take a few visits to optimize your hormones, detoxify and banish the symptoms. There is a significant mind and body connection. I encourage meditation, tai chi, yoga, walking away from negativity and people that decrease your happy vibrations. Thoughts are known to change the epigenetics. If we are not eating well, drinking tons of alcohol, submitting to wasteful thoughts, no amount of supplements can negate that. Sleep hygiene is important. Most of my patients will tell me the first thing they notice is better sleep, decreased hot flashes and night sweats, more energy and a better mood. Both men and women notice an increase in the libido. Every person’s journey is different. Obviously this journey can take longer for some people, especially if you have severe adrenal fatigue, candida, heavy metal toxicity, osteoporosis, memory issues. Most people start feeling better in a few weeks, but for complete transformation to good health it can take up to two years for patients with severe adrenal fatigue.

If you have any side effects or symptoms to the treatment, feel free to contact my office directly. We will help you the best of our abilities.

What will be the frequency of visits?

This differs greatly again. I have patients with more complicated issues including multiple sclerosis etc. that like to see me every 1 to 2 months (patients who were on wheelchair and are now walking without a cane 🙂 and others who have been stabilized over the years and only need to be seen twice a year. It’s important to keep an eye on the labs and the hormones as the needs shift over time.

In the first year after the initial visit, I will see you for follow-up every 2 to 3 months with labs. If needed there could be some additional specialized labs that investigate for gut health, food intolerances, heavy metals, candida, genetic problems beyond traditional labs. These may not be covered by insurance. I would suggest them to you if necessary, at that point you can decide if you want to do them or not.

Do I continue with my primary care physician, gynecologist, urologist and other specialists?

Absolutely! I’m here like your coach, personalized medicine specialist but you must continue your routine follow-ups with your other doctors. Continue your health screenings and follow-ups with your PCP, especially if you have medical problems. Please bring with you or forward me your screening procedures and any labs that you may do with your primary care physician or other physicians in between visits.

Compounding pharmacies and cost?

The pharmacies we work with are PCAB certified, selected carefully with consistently delivering high quality products and since we do a high volume with them, you will find their prices lower than most compounding pharmacies. Depending on your needs an average person is on estrogen/testosterone and progesterone creams – appx 50-60 $/month/cream or if pellets implantation $300-350/3-5 mths and additional progesterone capsules for women.


There are billions of companies offering many products on line and on shelves of your local pharmacies. It’s impossible to know the quality and bioavailability of all. A raid by the Inspector General’s office in NY on GNC, Walgreens, Walmart and Target showed in many supplements were spurious, there was mostly rice powder and were not even gluten free. The labels said one thing and the capsule ingredients another. The supplements I deal with, are guaranteed and physician grade. My patients can tell the difference immediately. But again, if you are on supplements and your lab values e.g. Vitamin D is in the optimal range of more than 65, I don’t change it. Most patients on their first visit are toxic, depleted and very fatigued. As symptoms improve we decrease the supportive supplements and usually by 6-8 months of treatment, patients are only on health maintenance supplements and doses.

So, here’s the short version:

Complete compliance with visits and labs is necessary for safe and best practices

-Smita Ohri MD

I Have Completed My First Visit, Now What?




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